Saturday, December 22, 2007

Felted Clogs for Christmas

Here's my something new: felted clogs, lots of 'em. Since I had never even completed a knitting project until 2007, knitting for Christmas gifts is new to me. Since they are felted, the clogs incorporated . . . ummmmm, felting. I had felted a purse before, but it didn't go well, so I'm counting the felting as doing something new. The clogs require a 3-needle bind-off and that technique is genuinely new to me. I might try doing it instead of kitchner for my next socks.

Merry Christmas--Annie (anniam)


Knit and fall back in it said...

Those clogs are great, everyone will love them. I have some and they are so cozy. If I am at home I have them on.

Jaye said...

Wonderful!!! I had these on my to-do list this year but never got around to attempting them. Next year I suppose!

I'm so impressed with your colour choices and the sheer number of clogs you accomplished - Bravo!