Sunday, February 3, 2008

Goodbye, so long....

I have really enjoyed this KAL!!!! I have completed more projects with this KAL than I have done in my entire time knitting. I just hate I wasn't able to finish anything for February. I had to prepare for my first trial!!!! Yep, only been barred for 2-3 months and I have a trial. I am first chair or the lead attorney!!!!

So I only got to finish half of one of my socks. If I had finished them, they would have been the first time I did cables in a project, first time I did an eye of partiridge heel and first time to make up a sock pattern on my own. I love what I have done so far and if the site is still up when I am done, I will put a pic on here. If not then it will be on my Ravelry page-I'm Innerpeace1081.

If there is another DSN KAL, I will most definitely join. Thanks, Tina for hosting such an amazing site.


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