Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodbye to January....

Introducing Cat, a capelet:

Noro's Cat

Making somewhat of a garment and doing quite a bit of seaming.
Doing a project nearly entirely of ribbing (with exception of the decreasing).
Learning new stitches! (k2togbl)

It fits me but I'll either be giving it away or frogging the entire thing as I'm not happy with it, all in all.

More details on my blog.


This KAL has been so much fun for me and I'm so glad that I joined. I met so many new and lovely people along the way and have a lot of new blogs that I've been reading and will continue to do so. Additionally, I have challenged myself to go beyond my comfort zone, branch out and Do Something New each month which was obviously the point of this KAL, but it has given me the confidence to step up the pace as a knitter and try those projects I had been wanting to but didn't have the courage to. So Tina, thank you so much for putting together this KAL! It was a great idea and so much fun!



Kristina B said...

From where I sit, this looks fantastic! Love the colours... and the style looks good too. Probably more fun in the round, though. But maybe reconsider frogging? ;-)

Pepper said...

Congratulations! Seaming is the HARDEST part of knitting, in my opinion. It's what separates the men from the boys. So kudos to you for taking it on! It all gets easier the more you do it. :)

Jaye said...

Kristina - thank you! Yes, I think in the round would have been much more fun and much faster, too! I still haven't decided on frogging, though ;P

Pepper - LOL! You're too funny :0) Someday I'll take the plunge and knit a sweater...think of all the seaming I'll be forced to do.

Thanks for the comments, ladies!