Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm a miserable failure

I didn't finish the swallowtail shawl on time to get my D. I am still working on it, maybe I will finish it this month.

Congratulations to all of those that did finish their projects.

Happy New Year to all.


Pepper said...

No, I am the miserable failure. I have yet to earn a single letter in this KAL. I was soooo going to finish my socks on Oct 31, Nov 30, yesterday....

I actually just finished a project with short rows that I should have posted. C'est la vie.

New Year's resolution: GET A LETTER!!

Hobbygåsa said...

Don't be sad Knit, this way you still can enjoy your work on the shawl!
And good luck Pepper! You have the whole January in front of you! You will make it!

anniam said...

Doing more than just buying the yarn for the swallowtail shawl should get you the letter :)

Kristina B said...

I agree with anniam!