Monday, February 4, 2008


I want to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you great participants! Thanks so much for making this KAL so much fun!!

GRAND PRIZE DRAWING: I'm going to post a picture of the Grand Prize tomorrow, then I'll be drawing a name for it on the 7th. (I'm kind of evil and thought it would be fun to build some suspense! Mwaa ha ha!!) You will get your name in the pot once for each letter you have earned in the past 6 months. So don't forget, tomorrow I'll post a picture of it and the drawing will be on the 7th.

MORE DO SOMETHING NEW KAL: You want more? Okay, then. I'm thinking that I'll try to do a short summer DSN KAL, maybe running from June to July. Then another one at the end of the year, maybe from October thru December.

I'm going to leave this KAL blog up, so y'all can feel free to post here anytime you'd like. I'll try to post updates about the upcoming dates from time to time.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Thanks, Tina. This KAL pushed me to try things I would have never tried otherwise and I made some really great blog friends in the process.

Hobbygåsa said...

Thank you so much Tina! You will see me if there comes another KAL, be sure - this has been SO much fun!

S said...

Thanks Tina for hosting such a great KAL. I will keep this in my favorites for the next ones! Thanks so much!!!

Pepper said...

This KAL was wonderful Tina! It inspired me to try a lot of new things. Although I only got ONE letter, I have actually started a ton of new things that are still in my WIP pile:

fair isle
cables without a needle
magic loop
... and, a crochet project (just in the vein of trying something new)

I'm going to cheat and save all the BO's until summer and dominate the next KAL... ha ha. OK, I promise I won't...

Thanks to you all!

Jaye said...

A hearty thank you from me as well, Tina! This was truly a great idea and I really enjoyed it so much. It inspired me go beyond scarves and dishcloths and I met so many truly nice people in the process. If you host another, I'm defintely going to keep it in mind because there is still so much out there I have yet to learn and try.