Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally something to share for November

I'm finally caught up with most of the posts. Everyone is doing some amazing stuff. I went missing in action around September when I got my Ravelry invite. What an amazing place. I started focusing on my many crochet wips that my knitting took a back seat.

After I finished up my crochet stuff I finally finished my very first knit project, a Harry Potter Scarf.

Hubby wearing the Gryfindor Scarf

I made it for dh. I think he looks very brave in his Gryffindor Scarf don't you! I used the free pattern on atypically knits and did the Prizoners of Azikaban style. I used Plymouth Encore yarn.

Then I finally tackled those dang short rowed heel socks. This has a bunch of first for me: first pair of socks on magic loop, first short rowed heel and first toe up sock. It's my own pattern too. In the sense that I did a gauge swatch a figured out what I needed in gauge taking into account some negative then cast on and knit.

First Toe-Ups

Other specs:
US 1/ 2.25mm 32" circs - I used two circ. needles with one sock on each using magic loop
Most of the ball of Sockotta

Thanks for looking.


Kristina B said...

These are both very impressive. The scarf (and the model) look great! as do the socks. Well done!

Glad you're enjoying Ravelry...


Knit and fall back in it said...

Great job on the socks and the scarf is quite handsome.

Hobbygåsa said...

Yoy have done great! 2 FO's -congratulations!

Jaye said...

Wow! The scarf is amazing! And I love the socks! Congrats on your FOs!