Friday, November 30, 2007

I missed October BUT...

I am doing new things this month! Last month I was busy knitting (and reknitting) a demo for the local yarnhouse I work at. Turns out that the published pattern is just full of errors and I had to email the designer for the corrections as the company that published the pattern (Plymouth Yarns) never returned my email inquiries. Little stinks. But now that it is finally done, and knitted correctly, I am moving on to creating spa kits for gifts this year. This includes knitting dishcloths...something I never had the desire to knit up till now.

So I knit the pink "I Love You Mom" dishcloth for my mum and I am also knitting a Dolly the Dolphin cloth along with soap sacks, wash mits, and handmade MP soap! The soap is being made at the moment and the wash mits have yet to be knitted.