Sunday, October 28, 2007

The End Is Near

It looks like I'm going to make it in time to submit my October project. =) Here are all the pieces knit up and blocking.

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The three tear-drop shaped pieces will be sewn together to make the body, and the two (kind of) rectangle shaped ones will be the ears. They've been drying on my ironing board since this morning and I think they're ready to be unpinned. I made the fluffy pom-pom tail this after noon. After every thing's sewn together and stuffed with fiber fill, I just have to embroider eyes and a nose. Here's a closer pic in an attempt to show you the fluffy boucle texture, but due to taking the pictures in dim artificial light, it's really hard to see the true character of the fabric.

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When it's time for FO pics, I'll venture outside for natural light. My five year old daughter has already claimed this project as "hers" when it's done. She likes to pet the fabric, and seems in awe (and somewhat skeptical) that all these flat funny shaped pieces will eventually be a rabbit.


Knit and fall back in it said...

I can't wait to see it all pieced together. I am sure it will be a good friend for your little girl.

Hobbygåsa said...

I am waiting just as she is, it will be fun to see this FO. I am sure it will be great!