Wednesday, October 24, 2007

September Socks!!! on October =)

  • Alli's" Anklets Socks

  • What's New: DPN's and Socks
    Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver - black, I have no idea about the other color! This was my husband's grandma's yarn! =)
    Participant Name: Claudia

    Finally!!! lol I finished it yesterday!!!! My hand is much better now, I kinda have a scar thou... O well it is life. Now I gotta start the mobious scarf!!! =) Kisses


    Knit and fall back in it said...

    I am glad your hand is better. Cute socks!

    Hobbygåsa said...

    Nice socks, you have done a great job! It is good that your hand is better - take care!

    Kristina B said...

    Congralulations on the socks. Is the moebius scarf your November project?

    schmom8889 said...

    Like the socks. I LOVE to knit moebius(es?) moebii (?). I have knit a BUNCH of them. But, I always seem to miscount the caston, so they are usually waaaaaaay too long--I love 'em anyway!

    Claudia Assencao said...

    I am having a little trouble with it but we will see what happens!! Thank you guys for the comments!!!

    Jaye said...

    Claudia, the socks look great and I'm so glad your hand is feeling better! I had a bad burn like that about 20 or so years ago and know how much that can put you out of commission.

    Take care and welcome back to the KAL! We missed you!