Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the nick of time... again.

October is finished, and what a finish it was! I spent the morning at my children's school partying it up in both of their classrooms. Being the parent in charge is WORK! Sadly, I can't blame Halloween preparations on my last minute post. My project was actually 98% done weeks ago. My tardiness was in sewing on that button. Sewing is not my thing.

About the bag: I used Lion Brand Wool for the bag- quite fall-ish if I do say so myself. It felted quite nicely. Maybe someday I'll be motivated to line it... The top picture is the "after" and the bottom picture is the "before".

My November project will involve wire and beads. More to follow. I'm trying to find the "right" pattern.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Cute bag, I like it. You know, since it is felted you really don't have to line it. Just cut a piece of foamcore (for example) to fit the bottom and cover it with a coordinating fabric. Tack it into place to make the bottom a little more stable and you've got a pretty sturdy bag.

Hobbygåsa said...

That is sooo my colors, I love it! Great job!

Claudia Assencao said...

Really cute!!! I dont like to sew buttons either!! It takes me forever to do it for more simple it is! =)
Kisses, Claudia

Kristina B said...


The wire and bead project sounds interesting. I'll look forward to that! ;-)

Jaye said...

What an adorable bag! And the colours are so appropriate for the month of October! Fabulous job!

Samantha said...

Very lovely bag and I like the colors too.