Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"O" for shopping?

I'm sure to complete something new this month, but I'm thinking my do-something-new just might be shopping---in San Francisco! I've never even been to California--we (husband Kelly and I) are leaving on 10-13 to celebrate our 25th anniversary (it was in July). Although Kelly doesn't think that shopping for yarn is the point of the trip, it is certainly on the agenda, mine anyway. Or, I could save the grafting of my almost completed socks to do on the plane--a different version of the mile-high club--HA! Would either of those count for my "O"? What's your plan? Glad to be a part of this group--cheers, Annie.


Tina in Wonderland said...

Hi Annie!

Happy 25th anniversary!!

I don't quite think the shopping would work. Your hearts in the right place, though, 'cuz we all love adding to our stashes!! I'm sure you've been yarn shoppin' before, so it wouldn't really count for a new skill. Feel free to post pic and details of your adventure in California, though, because we'd like to see what you pick up!

The toe grafting on the plane would work just fine for your 'O'!

Welcome to the KAL!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Hi, Ann, I am glad you decided to come over and join our little group. I have made some fun new blog friends.

Kristina B said...

Welcome, Ann (any friend of Amy's being a friend of mine, LOL). I like your alternate version of the mile-high club... ;-). I am heading out of the country for a 3 week vacation myself over Christmas/New Years and my ever patient DH has said "don't take any knitting with you as I want you to actually see the sights in London/Paris". Having said that, what will he do if I whip out needles on the plane... throw me out the window? ;-)

About shopping - why not buy one skein in San Fran and do something new with that ;-)?

schmom8889 said...

Thanks for the welcome. It's kind of fun to have a goal, not that random crafting of any sort is aimless.

Kristina b: Despite the info on the TAS website that confirms that knitting needles are welcome on planes (but meat cleavers are not), DH is unconvinced. He has declared he will not be a witness to any crying if mine are taken away. I don't know why he's worried, I'd just buy more--oh, that may be why :)

Knit and fall back in it said...

They specifically mentioned meat cleavers...seriously? Are there really that many people that try to board a plane with a meat cleaver in their bag?

srh1081 said...

I hope you have a great time in SF! I can't wait to see what goodies you bring back!

schmom8889 said...

Meat cleavers are indeed listed under sharp objects, but knitting needles are listed elsewhere.

*Jaye* said...

Welcome & Happy 25th to you and the hubby!

Have a wonderful time in SF - it's a fabulous city!

Hobbygåsa said...

A big welcome to you, and happy aniversary! I am sure you will find some new yarn to use for a new project in your new KAL... Have a nice vacation!