Saturday, September 22, 2007

blast from the past...

also known as "Do Something New for April 2006" (under the category of knitted underwear). I came across this and thought you guys might get a laugh:

A saltire g-string for my proud Scot DH. He never wore it, though. I wonder why?

If anyone wants instructions, feel free to E me or drop a post on my blog... you could have it started and finished on 1 October! ;-)



srh1081 said...

There are no words strong enough to convey the laughing I am doing over that g-string! It's an amazing piece of knitting but I was thinking about what my boyfriend would say if I made one for him!

Kristina B said...

Go for it, srh. It took me about 1/2 hour ;-) Very easy: here's the pattern (8mm needles and Lamb's Pride Bulky):

CO 15 sts. K 1 row, then P 1 row. Continuing in stockinette stitch, Dec 1 st each end every odd numbered (K) row for 10 times - end result 5 sts. P the next row. St stitch for 4 more rows. Dec 1 st each end on next K row, then st stitch for 3 rows. Bind off.

The cross was done by starting a 2 stitch pattern across on st 2 and st 13 (i.e. first row = k1 blue, k2 white, k10 blue, k2 white, k1 blue) Then every row you move the pattern one stitch closer toward the centre. At row 5 you will end up with k5 blue, k2 white, k1 blue, k2white, k5 blue. The next row, just do one white stitch right in the centre (k7 blue, k1 white, k7 blue). Then do everything in reverse.

I then did a single crochet chain for the waist and the g-string portion.


Glad I brought some laughter to you ;-)

Kristina B said...

Oh - PS Tina sorry, but I've been tagged for that meme already! ;-) For proof, see:

the blog back in May

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Ach! A banana boat to wear under the kilt!!

Kristina B said...

Yes - we have no bananas... we have no bananas today!! (apart from the one sitting in my office chair typing, that is). ;=)

Tina in Wonderland said...

That is too funny! My husband probably wouldn't wear it either, but that 'schwing sling' is cute!