Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some progress on my September project

My Clapotis is growing and the first stitches are dropped!! The first drop was thrilling, and for each time I do it I check 100 times that it is the right stitch! So far it is looking kind of strange I think, but I hope for the best, and rely on the blocking!
A question for you all; Do you know the word maby??? I do, but my dictionary don't.... So I think maby I will change to maybe - is that more easy to understand? So to all of you that have seen the word (and will see it in the future, bad habit is not easy to change...) just think of the word maybe and then you get it right!!!
We have in these days a big discussion in a Norwegian knitting forum whether to have a mulitilanguage blog (Norwegian/English) when the English are not fluid... Many people means that it just looks silly and don't do it because they will have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes.... I think - don't be so pompous - just do it and make a lot of foreign friends! It is fun!!
You are all capable to ask if you don't understand me - aren't you? Yes, I am sure you are!!!


Kristina B said...

I like your spelling of "maby" better... it makes more sense to me!

The discussion on your Norwegian knitting forum sounds interesting. Too bad I don't speak or read Norwegian, otherwise I'd look it up!

On that topic, my thoughts (for what they are worth): go for the multilanguage blogs! If people think a few spelling or grammatical errors in English make the blog look "silly", they are probably just jealous because the blogger knows at least one more language as them!!!

Oh, by the way, your Clapotis is looking very good. I like the colour. ;-)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Oh sheesh, they should not be so self-conscious about the spelling and grammar. They should be PROUD of themselves for being able to speak another language. I wish I could. I only speak one language and I can't even use proper spelling and grammar. I don't have any excuse.

Kristina B said...

Knitback, your spelling and grammar seem just fine to me...! But I certainly agree with your take. I am always amazed at how well people living in other countries speak and write English, especially since it is quite a difficult language to learn as a second language.

Hobbygåsa said...

Thank you so much for supporting me in this! I think it is fun to "meet" new people, and if they wish to visit my blog I think it would not be so fun for them to not understand a word of it. And I like to join KAL's like this. How can I do that if I am afraid of spelling mistakes. No - I don't care - I am just having fun!

Kristina B said...


I agree it's fun to meet new people too.

And... kanskje jeg norsk skrive.
(Perhaps you should show the above to your Norwegian blogger friends in order to give them a good laugh! SIGH. I don't suppose you speak Greek, do you? [smile])

Hobbygåsa said...

Wow - you DO know Norwegian!! Ok - from now on, my comments in your blog will be only in Norwegian!! Do you have relatives in Norway? Kristina spelled the way you do is common Norwegian...
No I don't speak Greek, but I do speak a little bit Deutch and Italian. Just for fun I have learned a bit so I can use it when we are on holidays...But I have learned this the fun way to - by trying and failing.... Ha det bra så lenge, og til dere alle - ha en fin kveld!!

thecoffindontwantme said...


And I love foreign blogs! Especially because you get to find out so much about other countries.

A lot of blogs that are all one language hardly ever have proper grammar anyway, including mine =]

knittingbasket said...

hello my friend you work is very beautiful good day kiss

Tina in Wonderland said...

Your Clapotis is looking nice!

I also love foreign blogs, love reading them and meeting fun new people like you!!