Monday, September 24, 2007

Socks for September

My original plan had been to knit a baby blanket for September but with a sudden baby boom around here there was no way this was going to be a possibility as I knew this was certainly going to be a month-long project (or possibly longer!). So I had to switch gears a bit and look over my ever growing list to see what other never-been-done-before project would be a good likelihood in my shrinking spare time. Socks? Yep! Socks it would be...

In progress

The obligatory "in progress shot" of the Cozy House Socks from the One Skein Wonder book edited by Judith Durant. These socks are truly perfect for a beginner and while I didn't have the yarn the pattern required, I substituted a Knit Picks yarn from my stash that worked out just perfectly. The pattern stated that the socks could be completed in a weekend and it really is true!

Cozy House Socks

These are more like slipper socks but do fit comfortably in my beloved better-than-UGG boots as well as another pair that I wear to death. They are slightly cushy and toasty warm but because of the bulk of the heavy-worsted yarn, the toe area it a bit bunchy so I decided to make another pair with a slight modification in a different colourway and then a third in an altogether different yarn with several modifications to the pattern. I love the third pair the best and could live in them if the weather would just cool off! (See them all here.)


Samantha said...

They look great and perfect for sandals when it's not too cold.

Hobbygåsa said...

Your socks are very nice, I love the color!

Tina in Wonderland said...

Very nice!! And I bet they are warm and comfy!!

*Jaye* said...

Samantha - I never would have thought to wear them with sandals, weird, huh? I did actually wear the third pair I made with some though and I got a few strange looks and one, "Your socks don't match." *sigh* Thanks for the comment, sweetie!

Hobbygåsa - Thank you so much!

Tina - Yes, they are very warm but not terribly comfortable due to the bunchiness at the toe. Thanks so much for the comment ;0)