Friday, August 17, 2007

August Baby Booties

They are done!!!! I can not believe it I have finished my first every knitted item! Woohoo!!!

I am soo very happy to have them off the needles but I strongly dislike them. I made them on homemade size 3 dpns-- I am too cheap to buy the ones in the store!!!

I have also casted-on for the Chevron Scarf for September.


Stitch-ay Woman said...

Congrats!! Good for you. Get ready for a wild ride-- it's four years after my first project and I am obsessed. :-)

Knit and fall back in it said...

Holy Smokes, you made your own needles??? I think that deserves a little extra credit. And I think the booties are way too cute, by the way.

Tina in Wonderland said...

Hi Shalanda!

I think those booties are adorable! They will look so cute worn on teensy little feet.

I would love to hear how you made your own DPs, if you'd like to post about it. Sounds like a great idea for all of us Do-It-Ourselfers!

Claudia Assencao said...

Thats great for your first project!! Congratulations!! =)
Kisses, Claudia

Claudia Assencao said...

Thats great for your first project!! Congratulations!! =)
Kisses, Claudia

srh1081 said...
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srh1081 said...

Thanks for the comments, ya'll! As for making my own dpns, it's really very simple. I took my knitting needle gauge with me to the local Home Depot and went to the wooden dowel rods section. Matched up the rods with the the size I wanted and purchased two rods for less than a dollar. I also got some sandpaper,a very rough gauge sheet and a very fine gauge sheet, I can't remember the numbers. I marked off about 7-8 inches on the rods and then cut them with scissors. Sharpened them with a pencil sharpened, sanded them with the rough and then with the smooth sandpaper until free of sags. I then oiled them with baby oil and let them set in a cup to dry, repeat oil as needed. You could also use wood butter instead of baby oil but I only had baby oil.
Oh, various craft stores have wooden dowel rods which are generally very smooth and need very little sandpapering.
Hope this has been helpful.

*Jaye* said...

Very impressive! Both the booties and the homemade DPNs - way to go! You rock!