Monday, August 27, 2007

Just wanna say hi!

I joined this KAL a while ago, but haven`t done my list until now.
My projects are:

August: Knit something with cables
September: Knit something with pre-yarn (not sure if that`s the right word, but I´ve heard that once)
October: Learn to spin on my spindle
November: Knit something with my homespun yarn
December: Learn to knit lace, wich I never have had any succes with
January: Design an own pattern

I`m already working on my August project and will soon finish it.

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Kristina B said...

Hi Angel: welcome!

Curious to know what "pre-yarn" is! Also, re. your December project (which is my August project!) a friend gave me a book called "Lacy Little Knits" which has some cute patterns and good instructions re. lace...

Good luck!