Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hi everyone, and congratulations to all you amazing knitters who've finished your August projects!
I'm just posting to say I've hit a snag - I've run out of wool! That's the problem with working from my stash :-) But the wool is easy to find, and I should be able to get to town today, so I might get there... I just checked the time difference (I'm in Australia) and you're 15 hours behind us! That gives me an extra 15 hours I didn't realise I had - I might actually complete a project by the set deadline - a first time event for me ;-)

I thought I'd post a picture of the sock I have finished, on my son's foot... It's a good example of when you should trust your own instincts! - I thought it was looking too long, but my Mum said she thought it was too short so I kept knitting, and look, now I'll have to frog almost an inch off the end! Oh well :-)

The 2nd sock is about 2/3rds finished so far, fingers crossed I get it done :-)
Good luck to everyone, and happy knitting!

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Samantha said...

Looking good:) How's the 2nd sock going?