Wednesday, August 22, 2007

September Changes!

Well, after a lot of problems with the short-row heels of the previous sock pattern I deceided to get another sock parttern. I don't know the name of this heel but I have be doing good so far!! Here is the picture:

The pattern name is Alli's Anklets! I also decided if these socks does't work I will try to do something else for september or I will run out of time. Kisses!!! =)


thecoffindontwantme said...

Great job so far!
I'm terrified of knitting socks!

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Looking good so far! Short-row heels can be tough if you don't have short-row experience and it's pretty hard to find coherent explanations of short-row heels in print (I speak from experience!) so it was wise to change to a cuff-down pattern for now.
If you haven't read it already, the summer IK had a good article on toe-up (short row heel) socks.