Friday, August 3, 2007

Sorry! I forgot my intro!

Hi my name is Claudia!!! I am brazillian but I live in northeast of Ohio. I got married in Fabruary!! =) I learned to knit almost 2 years ago and to crochet in March! I start a lot of thigs but normally don't finish them, that's why I think this KAL is going to help me a lot I am so excited!!! The only sock I did was in straight needles but It looks like a boot on my foot lol it's illarious!!! So now I am trying to knit with double pointed needles i tried once but I got some holes on the heel!!! =( But I will try again. My August project is just a headband I fell in love with the cable pattern so I decided to make a headband and right after I started I joinned here!! =) The socks I already talked about! The tank top has no pattern yet cuz I am not sure yet how it's going to look, it was suppose to be a HAT!!! LOL This happens a lot with me!! The mobious scarf I absolutely fell in love with it when I watched the show Knitty Gritty but it seems pretty crazy to make but I will try it and the March basic!!! It is ADORABLE!!! I LOVE IT and I want it! =)

You guys have a great weekend!!! =) Kisses!!!

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Tina in Wonderland said...

Congrats on being a newlywed!

I'm sure your next sock will turn out fine! My first one was a total disaster - I had never used DP needles, and I got so confused that I ended up knitting them upside down and wrongside out! Not kidding!

I'm looking forward to seeing the headband you've been working on!