Friday, August 31, 2007

August project - DONE!

... and I thought I'd be up until midnight tonight!

Meet the Santorini Scarf (aka the Montego Bay Scarf, but I'd rather wear it in Santorini!). The pattern can be found in the IK Summer 2007 mag.

This is my first attempt at lace, and I'm a convert (somewhat). Recommended for any first lace project.

More information and specs on my blog

Next up for the September challenge: learning to knit cables without a cable needle. A denim sweater from the Twilley Denim Freedom book will be my sample, it is hoped. Either that or more of the Morrigan (this is it at row 16 of the first sleeve, having used a cable needle):

And, please do wish me luck on my personal non-knitting challenge: cutting back to 25 cigs/day. I have laid in the exact amount of cigarettes needed for the month (having taken out a bank loan)... 4 cartons minus two packs which I have gifted to my work smoking buddy.

I'm really enjoying seeing all the projects and WIPs here! Great idea for a KAL, Tina!


Hobbygåsa said...

Lovely scarf, and I love the yarn! Thank God for webshops-we can not buy this yarn in Norway!! I have already ordered the magazine from the US....And your September project looks exiting too. Also agree on the KAL, this the best one I have ever joined!! Thank you Tina!

Samantha said...

Looking Great! I love the color way of the scarf.

Stitch-ay Woman said...

Beautiful job! And very good luck on the smokeout.

Hobbygåsa said...

Can I ask - since my mother language is Norwegian - what does WIP mean? As I said... my English is not the best... (I have only heard of VIP)

Tina in Wonderland said...

Your Montego Bay scarf is just beautiful, and I love the colors in that yarn!

Good luck on your nicotine cut-back. (And good luck to your co-workers if it puts you in a bad mood from lack of cigs! LOL) I quit cold-turkey years ago, so I feel for you!